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Tailored advice from experienced, quick-thinking professionals

We understand capital.​

We apply our knowledge of capital structure and capital flows to community development. Understanding how a venture or an organization can be capitalized, how it can make money, and how it should manage its cash is crucial if there are to be lasting benefits for a community.

We pride ourselves on creative flair.​​

Putting capital at the disposal of an organization that benefits the commons requires an uncommon perspective. We have 20 years of experience in uncovering opportunities for community organizations to monetize their tangible and intangible assets.

We are not easily daunted.

We like ambition. We do not fear complexity. We believe that you can put good people and good ideas together and achieve results few would have dared to dream. We can help you determine whether the people and the ideas you have at hand will get the job done.

We are, above all, relentlessly practical.

There is rarely a straight line from where you are to where you want to go. But there are straight answers to the questions you have as you move your organization along. We pride ourselves on giving you those answers, quickly and unvarnished.

Meet the Team

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Pieter van Gils



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Diane Friedman



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