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dana naye ventures

däna Näye Ventures (DNV) is a Yukon-based, First Nation-controlled institution that provides business development and financial services to all people throughout Yukon and in the Northern British Columbia communities of Atlin, Good Hope Lake and Lower Post. Pieter, with his colleague Dominique Collin helped DNV set up a mortgage program. They 

-Conducted housing research of First Nation communities in Yukon:

  • Demographics, housing needs, housing market, access to mortgages from banks – to estimate demand for different types of housing loans and different eligibility requirements and to understand how privately financed housing fits in the spectrum of housing types

  • Land management regime– to determine options for home finance loans security

  • Housing market – to review the property values that will underlie the fund

  • Construction costs – to size loans appropriately

  • Housing construction inspection – to control construction draws

-Determined suitable mortgage products

-Formulated lending policies and procedures

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