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First NAtion Regeneration Fund

The First Nation Regeneration Fund seeks to regenerate Aboriginal economies by financing Aboriginal equity stakes in run-of-river power projects.

The first fund of its kind in BC, the Regeneration Fund was established through a partnership between Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation (TACC) and Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (TRICORP). The Regeneration Fund focuses on renewable energy projects that minimize environmental impact and maximize socio-economic benefits to local First Nations.

The Regeneration Fund provides financing that enables First Nations to purchase equity positions in Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects developed in their traditional territories. Financing is made available as a loan to the First Nation. The First Nation then repays its loan through dividends and royalties from the power project. Once the loan is repaid, the dividends and royalties become long-term discretionary income that can be used by the First Nation for economic and social development.

The Regeneration Fund was capitalized by a contribution from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), as well as investments by TACC and TRICORP. Pieter van Gils articulated this opportunity to INAC for the Aboriginal Capital Corporations. Subsequently, similar funds were established across all Canadian provinces.

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